Mediation is a conversation technique

Resolving conflicts with the help of a mediation process means that the disputing parties get back to talking through by means of targeted communication techniques. As a mediator, I walk you through the process of mediation so that a solution can be found through joint communication that does not allow anyone to lose.

Why it’s worth it

Advantages of mediation

The advantages are obvious:

  • The time and financial effort are kept within reasonable limits.
  • No one loses, but a solution to the conflict is found that is satisfactory for all parties involved.
  • The relationship between the parties is promoted and positively influenced even in the event of a possible separation.
  • High chances of success.

  • The contents of a mediation are treated confidentially and I am bound by professional secrecy.

Together step by step

The four phases of mediation

Mediation essentially consists of establishing the framework conditions in a mediation contract. Four phases follow:


Clarification of the existing conflicts

In the first phase, both sides define which conflicts need to be addressed.


Exploring backgrounds / contexts

During the consolidation phase, the background and context of the conflict are clarified. Individual interests and needs are also brought up.


Developing solutions

The development of possible solutions leaves room for creativity: variants are brought up with and the respective advantages and disadvantages and proposed solutions are discussed.


Writing solutions down

At the end of every mediation, the parties involved agree on a mutually acceptable solution, which will be recorded in writing.

See me with the following issues

Especially suitable for mediations are conflicts with your partner, in family life, with coworkers or other close relationships. Thematically, however, there are hardly any limits to mediation.

The setting of a mediation

In order for the outcome of mediation to be acceptable to all parties involved in the conflict, it is important to have a balanced setting within the conflict management process. For example, we make sure that speaking time is divided fairly, or that the number of people on both sides of the disputing parties is as equal as possible. If desired, I work with a second, often male, mediator so that the interests and concerns of both parties can be better addressed.

General information


260.- / 75 min. including pre- and postprocessing

  • Telephone calls are charged according to effort.

  • Appointments are binding. Appointments will be charged if not not cancelled 24 hours in advance.

  • If you have supplementary insurance, please check with your health insurance company in advance to see if they will cover parts of the costs.

  • If you have supplementary insurance, please check with your health insurance company in advance to see if they will cover parts of the costs.

  • I am bound by professional confidentiality and the ethical guidelines of the FSP.

“Mediation broadens our views and promotes mutual empathy.”