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This spring, the Swiss Re Institute presented a study that examined the impact of the Corona crisis on perceptions of safety. People internationally are yearning for more protection. The experience of personal loss has brought issues such as health and financial security more into focus. Accordingly, more information on insurance coverage was obtained and insurance policies were taken out.

Perception of safety is particularly high at home

The need for more security and protection after the Corona crisis is understandable. But what does security mean in the psychological sense? People who have had a traumatic experience often live in a permanent state of tension that needs to be treated in therapy. According to a recent publication by trauma therapist Regina Lackner, her clients have very different strategies for achieving inner security. According to her, the sense of security is particularly high in one’s own home. Even shorter moments spent in a warm bath, listening to certain music or enjoying a glass of wine promote a sense of security.

Crises bring loss of security

The Corona crisis has forced many people to change their lives. Habits such as office work are increasingly giving way to the home office model. A crisis or a reorientation brings with it the loss of security. Subsequently, new habits re-establish themselves and the sense of security returns. We can support this process by actively shaping our own habits and rituals. How do you come to rest? Where do you refuel?

→ Swissre study

→ Publication Regina Lackner


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